At Grace Church of DuPage we exist to magnify the worth of God by exalting his name, equipping the saints and evangelizing the lost. One way this is accomplished is when the local church, acting in obedience, sends its members to make disciples of the nations. These members are missionaries, or “sent ones,” who go with authority preaching, baptizing and teaching others. Our objective in missions at Grace Church of DuPage is to plant churches and strengthen existing local churches.

Grace Church plays an active role in the preparation and sending of missionaries. It is our firm belief that there should be a strong tie between the local church and the mission field.

Kids Mission Sunday & AWANA – Promotes missions interest and information in Children’s Ministry by regularly presenting our missions vision and having missionary visits.

Missions Updates – Periodically during the evening service, the Grace Church body is updated on current events in missions and the status of various missionaries and encouraged to be involved through prayer and projects on behalf of the missionaries.

Missionary Christmas – Every October the Missions Committee presents the opportunity for a special monetary gift to the missionaries for Christmas.

Missionary Visits – During Missions Conference or when a missionary is able to be at Grace Church, the Missions Committee arranges for housing, transportation and opportunities for them to inform and share with the flock.

Summer Missions Teams – Grace Church provides opportunities for members of the body to be involved in short term summer missions projects.

How to Serve – The church body is encouraged to be involved through prayer for the missionaries and visiting or serving with them on their field of service. Your service and involvement on the Missions Committee is welcomed. If you are interested in serving in any area of this ministry please contact Ray Glinski.